ES File Manager App Review for Android

ES File Manager

ES File Manager

ES File Manager

This Android App Review looks at the free and feature rich File Manager for Android, ES File Manager is something that all Android users should consider. Downloaded more then 200 million times from the worlds most trusted android app store, as this free android app will not only make your life simpler, but much more convenient.

Everything in One Location

Sharing, saving, and retrieving data files from any android device either through an online or offline connection, you can access all your files using cloud technology on one of the best file sharing apps available as an instant and free download. This free android app will give you everything that you could want, make your life so much simpler, and place all your files into one location.

There are so many aspects that set ES File Manager apart from all the rest as the all-inclusive app will literally take the place of many android apps that you currently use. Usability for a file manager, application manager, FTP Client, cloud format, Task Killer, and so many more, you will literally not need the use of many individualized apps.

Most Feature Rich Friendly File Manager for Android

ES File Manager Android is the most feature rich file manager for Android that you will find anywhere, and in this Android App Review you will see just why. Saving files such as photos, word processing files, MP3’s, videos, and other documents could not be any easier then this, as the ability to start something on one device such as a desktop computer only to retrieve it at a later time on your android smartphone is just what is intended.

To instantly install the ES File Manager Android for any android device, you can access the direct link to the Google Play Store from <HERE>.

SwiftKey Android App Review

SwiftKey Android

SwiftKey Android

SwiftKey Android

For one of the best productivity apps for Android, SwiftKey Android is one that you will want to consider as it has been called one of the best productivity apps Android.

This app can be purchased from the most known App Store and will only cost $2.99 from the Google Play Store. This Android App Review breaks down as the details as it is revealed just why this is the case.

Best Productivity Apps Android

Finding out just why this has become the most downloaded paying app in 58 countries will take you no time at all as this has been dubbed the smartest and most accurate mind-reading that literally senses your words for you is what makes SwiftKey Android App one of the best productivity apps Android. Through an intuitive integrated software you will have all that you need as this productivity android app will shock you, as well as absolutely amaze you.

SwiftKey Android increases your productivity for any touch screen typing is replaced by mind sensing next words and features the most accurate auto-correct feature of any of the android keyboard apps you will find. By adapting to your  writing style with full integration of social media sites of Facebook, Twitter, and others, and you will increase your productivity in all facets of life which takes the tedious nature out of touch screen typing. Some of the many features that SwiftKey gives you is below:

  • Multilingual while offering  support for up to three languages at once or combine more then one without having to change any settings
  • Predicts next word or sentence structures in over 60 languages
  • Intelligently learns your words based on how you type and has the ability to adapt to changes over-time. This intuitive feature is what makes SwiftKey Keyboard the most accurate and self-updating productivity app

Download SwiftKey Android App

To download one of the best productivity apps Android, SwiftKey Android, you can instantly access the Google Play Store and install SwiftKey Android right <HERE>.

Galaxy Note 4 Rumors – 16 MP or 20 MP Camera

Galaxy Note 4 Rumors – 16 MP or 20 MP Camera

Galaxy Note 4 Rumors

Galaxy Note 4 Rumors

Just when we thought it was all figured out, new Galaxy Note 4 rumors become known concerning the camera specs. For months since just before the Note 3 released it was believed that the Galaxy Note 4 camera would feature a 16 MP camera with a new ISOCELL Sensor, but now there are new rumors that are becoming more evident with a 20 MP camera. Also, detailed Samsung Galaxy F rumors are becoming more and more evident, and with all that we have been hearing it is expected three releases are expected for 2014.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera

Either a 16 MP or a 20 MP Galaxy Note 4 camera will be a welcomed addition to the Note series as the 3 is still quite impressive with only 13 MP. One thing that is for certain is that much is in store for the future of Samsung smartphones as it is also rumored that a new 64 bit processor and quite possibly 4 GB RAM will be introduced to all releases including the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy F.

The Galaxy Note 4 camera will help to make the new phone one that avid camera users will take notice of as well as those looking to take advantages of the moments when they are least expected. The multimedia uses of the camera itself helps to capture the moments using the video and still photography and the ISOCELL Sensor will help to complete what most are expecting some of the most breathtaking pictures and cinematography. While many of the Galaxy Note 4 rumors have yet to be confirmed, based on the patents signed by Samsung and the current leaks that have become more evident, it would seem that they are the most practical specs of the Galaxy Note 4 camera and other specifications of the new Note.

Samsung Galaxy F Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera

The latest Samsung Galaxy F rumors surrounding the likelihood of a new series of phones called the Galaxy F will be released by the end of 2014 that will bring even more options to the consumer. This new series is believed to appeal to higher end users and will have a perfect blend of the most appealing aspects of the Galaxy S series as well as the Galaxy Note series. As more Galaxy Note 4 rumors and other new from Samsung smartphones become available you will expect to see every one of them here in their entirety.

While only time  will tell if the Samsung Galaxy F rumors hold true, it will be quite amazing to see how this new phone is able to stack up with the other two expected releases of both the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4 which are both anticipated during 2014. If the current Galaxy F rumors hold true, then appealing to a new consumer base should help Samsung claim some of the market share that has been fading away in recent years.

Camera Zoom FX App Review for Android

Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX

For just $2.99, you will literally get the  Best Camera App for Android as Camera Zoom FX has been dubbed just that by editors and android users alike. There are numerous reasons that has set the Camera Zoom FX App apart from all the rest, as the defining factors that set it apart is the vast amounts of customization that you can do. Taking pictures is one thing, but being able to use some creativity to create something so special or editing blemishes out of any picture will represent something that is more like professional quality.

Some of the Camera Zoom FX features below are what you will expect to get for installing this camera app from the Google Play Store:

  • Up to 6x optical and digital zoom
  • Customize all hardware buttons to get the best user experience; set up the intuitive controls so that they work perfect for you
  • Shoot up to 20 pictures per second as this is the fastest action camera anywhere on Android
  • One click uploads to the most popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Email, YouTube, and more
  • Live previews of many of the unique effects such as bubbles, colors, frames, and more
  • Clicking anywhere on the screen to capture a picture using the full-screen shutter
  • Rotate and crop photos to get the viewing angle of your choosing
  • And many optional download packs that will only add to the customization features, creativity, and options

Get the Best Android Camera App

The many reasons why this  app has become the best android camera app as Camera Zoom FX Android is a wonderful addition for the photo enthusiasts or someone looking to take full advantage of the wonderful camera specs of any smartphone. To instantly install this app from the Google Play Store, simply access this link to the Google Play Store for instant access right here <HERE>.

Differences Between Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3

Different Specs, Same Great Products

When looking at both the Galaxy Note 4 vs the Galaxy Note 3 up close and personal, one will note that there are many differences between the two phones. The many differences are what is expected to make the Note 4 one of the best smartphones on the market as an enhanced processor, camera, and many more options will become a reality that were otherwise not available in the Note 3.

Galaxy Note 4 Processor and the 3

Galaxy Note 4 Information

Galaxy Note 4 Information

One of the biggest differences when comparing the internal specs of the Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3 will be found in the Galaxy Note processor itself. While the 4 looks to bring the Samsung exclusive 64 Bit Chipset Exynos Processor that will prove to be much faster then the preceding Note model.

This will fully enhance the speed, multitasking capabilities, battery life, and the internal heating of the phone to a minimal. The 1.9GHz  octa-core processor that is in the Note 3 is still one of the fastest, but will note compete with the 64 Bit chipset that is expected in the 4. The huge enhancement in Galaxy Note Processor will be felt in all that you intend on using your phone for including multimedia purposes, applications, internet browsing, downloads, and virtually everything else.

The RAM is another big difference as Samsung looks to make all releases of upcoming Galaxy Smartphones the first of its variety to boast 4 MB RAM. This will be huge in comparison to all smartphones as the 3 GB RAM that was featured in the Note 3 will be much faster and will become one that will rival speeds of most home based computers today. Alongside the Galaxy Note Processor, the increase in RAM will truly create a CPU powerhouse right in the palm of your hands.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera and the 3

Samsung Galaxy Note Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note Camera

The differing aspects of the Galaxy Note camera will mean an increase of a 13 MP camera to a 16 MP camera in the Galaxy Note 4. The newer phone is also expected to come standard with an ISOCELL Sensor that will make for clearer and more crisp pictures and video quality that will look more like a professional grade quality. The sensor will be the first of its kind in any smartphone as the true notice will be seen on the front-end of low level lighting and movement stability.

The many other differences point to a retina eye scanner and a 128 GB storage option. As Samsung looks to increase the security and storage capacity of the phone itself, both options are not featured in the Note 3. The retina eye scanner will mean individualized locking and unlocking of the phone itself as the internal sensor will be synced to the retina of the owner from the day of activation while the 128 GB option will mean more storing of pictures, videos, data, and other files that would otherwise be stored on any smartphone.

Office Mobile Android App Review

Office Mobile Android

Office Mobile Android

Office Mobile Android

Office Mobile Android is an extension of the award winning Microsoft Office 365 Software Suite that everyone seems as this is a must have software suite for those who utilize any sort of word processing, spreadsheets, data sheets, power point, or any other type of data or business files. This App Review for Android takes a closer look at what most people are calling the best android productivity app.

Up Close and Personal with Office Mobile Android

The best android productivity app is a free download with any qualifying Office 365 subscription and can be installed on an unlimited amount of android devices including smartphones and tablets. This app is optimized for phones and tablets alike as the realization of viewing, editing, sharing, and even printing on-the-go will not be detracted on any mobile device.

The Office Mobile Android app helps those continue what they started on any desktop or laptop, or can even be used to start any type of Office 365 data file including Word, Power Point, Excel, or more. Below are some of the numerous benefits that you will gain from Office Mobile:

  • Access documents from anywhere using cloud technology as SkyDrive, SkyDrive PRO, or Share Point
  • Files and spreadsheets on any mobile device looks the same as any original even if started on a PC as the support for graphics and files integrate seamlessly. The documents and formatting remains intact with no variances
  • Open email attachments, edit, reply, and forward
  • Pick up where you left off as if you started typing or reading a document on one device and pick-up where you left off while resuming from a different device.

Get the Best Android Productivity App

Office Mobile is the best Android Productivity App, but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. For only $9.95 for the entire Office 365 subscription, the Office Mobile Android is yours free, and to start using the best android productivity app you can instantly install it from the Google Play Store right <HERE>.

Google Drive for Android App Review

Google Drive for Android

Best Android Productivity App

Best Android Productivity App

Storing, editing, and sharing any files that you have stored on your android device has never been any easier then this as Google Drive for Android is one of the best productivity android apps that you will find. Find out more as to why this app is one of the most downloaded, and just why it has become the best android productivity app.

Store, Share, Save, File

Google Drive Android App allows you to store pictures, data files, videos, and other files by simply uploading which makes retrieving any of the files uploaded from any android device possible. Upload pictures from your android smartphone to Google Drive and retrieve them from any Android supported tablet for editing, and then share your files with anyone in mind. This is only one of the many reasons why this has become known as the best Android Productivity App.

Google Drive for Android is a must have for people on-the-go as simple access can be achieved whether offline or online. Accessing data spread sheets for editing and print them out using the supported Google Cloud Print or share collaboration spreadsheets in seconds using the cloud technology. Increasing productivity, convenience, and practicality all-in-one is just what this android productivity app will do for you, and this will be one of the best apps you will find to do so.

Download the Best Android Productivity App

Google Drive has become known as the best Android Productivity App, and when you think all that the name Google brings you, is there any wonder why? To install Google Drive for Android on either your smartphone, CPU, or tablet, simply access the direct link to the Google Play Store, and for your convenience, the free download can be accessed right <HERE>.

Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Note 3 brought out an entirely new concept that many people are wondering about the interaction between the Galaxy Note 4 and smartwatch continue to prevail. There will be numerous similarities between the interaction of phone and watch that will only increase as we look towards the next coming from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear Concept

The Samsung Galaxy Gear concept is a new idea that brought out an entirely new element of how one would interact and all that can be done with the smartphone as the simplistic, creative, and intuitive nature of the technological advancement will only increase with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The phone on your wrist approach is the next new thing as Samsung has perfected this and is expected to integrate the many options that will be fully functional with the new Note 4.

Making phone calls, retrieving messages, and even locating your lost phone can all be done from your wrist using the Samsung Galaxy Gear concept. When browsing any app or message from your wrist, simply pick up your Note and the same viewing will auto transfer to your phone using the Smart Relay. The piece of mind of knowing that one device is fully interchangeable with the other and continuing what you started on one from the other is a perfect compliment when using both the Note 4 and Galaxy Gear.

Galaxy Note 4 Concept

Galaxy Note 4 Concept

The Galaxy Note 4 Concept

The Galaxy Note 4 makes this interaction that all smartphone users will want to take advantage of. With the processor speed, larger screen, and one of the most feature rich seen in any phone, the many uses alongside the Galaxy Gear will have everyone wanting both. Samsung looks to only enhance the interaction between both devices in the coming years, and much to do with the success of the Samsung Galaxy Gear will be directly related to the Galaxy Note 4 concept.

Will the Galaxy Note 4 Concept Still be the Biggest Samsung Smartphone?

Will the Galaxy Note 4 Concept Still be the Biggest Samsung Smartphone?

Galaxy Note 4 Size

Galaxy Note 4 Screen

With what is already looking to be one of the busiest and most competitive years for smartphones, the idea that Samsung will release three phones is poses many questions for consumers and analysts alike including the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 concept. One of the questions that keeps coming up is the size and dimensions of the Galaxy Note 4 screen and if the Note will be the biggest smartphone that is released for 2014.

From what we have grown accustomed to, the Note series of smartphones have given those who wanted the much bigger screen a refreshing outlook on smartphones while they have also been able to maintain the customers who want the smaller, and more common size phones.

This has only enhanced the multimedia experiences for users as the bigger viewing angle makes for better viewing of movies, easier editing of spread sheets, and even makes for social media experiences that much better, as the Galaxy Note 4 screen looks to carry on this tradition.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen vs Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy F

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Concept

Note 4 Concept

While the Galaxy Note 3 came in with a 5.7 inch screen, it is very doubtful that Samsung will be creating the a new Galaxy F series that will have a bigger screen then the Note, and it is even more doubtful that the Galaxy S5 will have a bigger then 5.0 inches. The Galaxy F is expected to have a 5.3 inch screen that will only add to the choices and purchasing power of the consumer. This alone will provide another direction for Samsung as creating another higher end smartphone will open up more avenues for one of the industry leaders employ.

Besides the 5.7 inch Galaxy Note 4 screen that is rumored, it is also expected to be coming standard with a Samsung exclusive processor which has a 64 Bit Chipset. The Note 4 is also expected to come with 4 GB RAM which will be significantly faster then the Note 3 that had 3 GB RAM.

As more information comes available on the Galaxy Note 4 size and the rest of the specs you will be certain that we will have everything right here. This is what analysts and consumers are hoping to see with the Galaxy Note 4 concept, but only time will tell if becomes a reality.

More Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumors

The endless Galaxy Note 4 rumors that are becoming more prevalent points to so many ideals that consumers are hoping for, and based on what we are expecting Galaxy Note 4 concept it would seem that Samsung is doing a pretty good job listening. Most of the functional aspects of the upcoming smartphones are being enhanced including the entire Galaxy Note 4 concept that is looking to bring with it a new processor, 16 MP camera, retina eye scanner, and quite possibly a full wraparound display.

All this while maintaining the bigger Galaxy Note 4 screen that has made the note series of phones appeal to such a wide array of consumers are all that we have been hearing about with the many Galaxy Note 4 rumors.

TripAdvisor App Review for Android

TripAdvisor App

Best Travel Apps Android

Best Travel Apps Android

For anyone who is contemplating traveling or are looking to make travel arrangements to any city in the world, then the TripAdvisor app is a must have android travel app that will literally give everything that you could possibly need. There is no wonder why TripAdvisor is being called the best travel app for Android as this Android App Review details all there is to know.

Android App Review

Planning that special vacation or that get-a-way for two can be difficult on its own, but while taking advantage of the resources that are available right at your fingertips for free, it takes the hassle and makes any arrangements worry free. This is precisely what this Android App Review will do for you as any travel arrangements can be seamlessly taken care of right on your own phone.

The TripAdvisor app is one that will make any arrangements that you could need including airfare, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, or are one needing some fresh ideas to compliment that perfect vacation. Set your itineraries and make adjustments throughout and get real-time updates using one of the best travel apps for android devices as you can easily access without any data connection. Install the free app for the first time and the information is stored locally on either your android smartphone or tablet as this is literally the best worry-free app that you will find.

Below is just some of what you will get using the TripAdvisor App for Android:

  • Real-time city stats, suggestions, and updated information based on your own personal preferences
  • Search by city, country, or narrow the search with the broadest search options of any android travel app
  • The ability to save and create a favorites list based on past, present, or future ideas
  • Real-time GPS guidance giving you step-by-step directions to any restaurant, theme park, mall, hotel, airport, and everything else that you could possibly want to go
  • Reader reviews to help you make the difficult decisions to help create the best experiences possible

Wrapping up the Best Travel App for Android Review

Find out what millions before you have already realized as this TripAdvisor Android App Review gives you all that you need  including the instant download link that takes you right to the Google Play Store from <HERE>.