Differences Between Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3

Different Specs, Same Great Products

When looking at both the Galaxy Note 4 vs the Galaxy Note 3 up close and personal, one will note that there are many differences between the two phones. The many differences are what is expected to make the Note 4 one of the best smartphones on the market as an enhanced processor, camera, and many more options will become a reality that were otherwise not available in the Note 3.

Galaxy Note 4 Processor and the 3

Galaxy Note 4 Information

Galaxy Note 4 Information

One of the biggest differences when comparing the internal specs of the Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3 will be found in the Galaxy Note processor itself. While the 4 looks to bring the Samsung exclusive 64 Bit Chipset Exynos Processor that will prove to be much faster then the preceding Note model.

This will fully enhance the speed, multitasking capabilities, battery life, and the internal heating of the phone to a minimal. The 1.9GHz  octa-core processor that is in the Note 3 is still one of the fastest, but will note compete with the 64 Bit chipset that is expected in the 4. The huge enhancement in Galaxy Note Processor will be felt in all that you intend on using your phone for including multimedia purposes, applications, internet browsing, downloads, and virtually everything else.

The RAM is another big difference as Samsung looks to make all releases of upcoming Galaxy Smartphones the first of its variety to boast 4 MB RAM. This will be huge in comparison to all smartphones as the 3 GB RAM that was featured in the Note 3 will be much faster and will become one that will rival speeds of most home based computers today. Alongside the Galaxy Note Processor, the increase in RAM will truly create a CPU powerhouse right in the palm of your hands.

Galaxy Note 4 Camera and the 3

Samsung Galaxy Note Camera

Samsung Galaxy Note Camera

The differing aspects of the Galaxy Note camera will mean an increase of a 13 MP camera to a 16 MP camera in the Galaxy Note 4. The newer phone is also expected to come standard with an ISOCELL Sensor that will make for clearer and more crisp pictures and video quality that will look more like a professional grade quality. The sensor will be the first of its kind in any smartphone as the true notice will be seen on the front-end of low level lighting and movement stability.

The many other differences point to a retina eye scanner and a 128 GB storage option. As Samsung looks to increase the security and storage capacity of the phone itself, both options are not featured in the Note 3. The retina eye scanner will mean individualized locking and unlocking of the phone itself as the internal sensor will be synced to the retina of the owner from the day of activation while the 128 GB option will mean more storing of pictures, videos, data, and other files that would otherwise be stored on any smartphone.

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